the women of denver
the women of denver

Original Founder, Krystal Covington

Krystal has been a long time friend, liaison, and partner. I am honored to take the baton and expand what she created in her quest for community in Denver. Krystal, we appreciate all that you have done for the members and look forward to continuing your legacy. Thank you for trusting us with your creation.” – Women of Denver Owner & CEO, Phoenix Jackson

After moving to Denver in 2013, Krystal Covington began to curate a group of supportive, connected women to help boost each other as a community. The result was a thriving group of leaders who learn together and share resources to build an economy of mutual support.

Featured accomplishments: 

  • 2021 Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 Winner
  • 2021 Acquisition International Marketing Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Presented a TEDx Talk
  • Featured in Forbes Women
  • Interviewed on CBS, FOX and ABC

Since 2014, Women of Denver has brought together women who help each other succeed through networking. We help you recognize your value, and learn skills to help you increase income from your business or corporate career.

The group began as part of my journey to build a community in a new place, but I quickly realized that what I created had a mission much larger than I could ever imagine. 
I moved to Denver in June 2013 leaving behind all the local connections I had built back in my home state of Michigan. Having visited Denver only once, I knew this was the place that my future would be born.

As a new Denver resident I knew I needed to hit the networking scene to start building connections. I visited networking groups ranging from women in business, young professionals’ events, and industry groups to seek new relationships. Even with the variety of networking options available I still couldn’t find a place I felt home.

I spent hundreds of dollars paying for events that left me with a wallet full of business cards, a schedule full of “one-on-ones,” and a list of contacts that wanted to squeeze a sale out of me. The experience was both intimidating and overwhelming. Besides, these were not the type of networks I wanted to have.

I knew that if I wanted to find a new experience, I’d need to build it myself.

Thus, Women of Denver was born. Our first event was September 6, 2014. We shared a cup of coffee and bonded through opening up about our limiting beliefs and how we overcome them.

Since then, Women of Denver has connected thousands of women and held hundreds of events.
Our members genuinely listen to you and advise you respectfully. They also support you with their time and resources, encourage you when you fail, and celebrate your victories together with you.

Through these efforts, women in the group have landed higher-paying jobs, and increased their business income. Some of them have been featured on national podcasts and TV shows. We also donate to nonprofit organizations that support the financial empowerment of women. 

​It excites me to see such a diverse group of women coming together with a shared mission to support each other. I can’t wait to see the incredible impact our members make in the world over the coming years.

Since 2014, Women of Denver (WOD) has been the most diverse and active women’s organization in Denver. With over 50 events per year their dynamic network helps women increase their business knowledge, build leadership skills and connect with other powerful and inspiring women throughout the metro area.

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