The Transition of the Women of Denver
We hope that this message finds you all well and in good spirits. We regret to inform you that we are transitioning the Women of Denver to close down its operations.

Since 2014, the Women of Denver has helped our members to develop their leadership skills, expand their business knowledge, and strengthen their ties to powerful and motivating women in Colorado and beyond through our expansive network. 

We were devoted to promoting the professional and personal development of women from all backgrounds, and we did this by hosting numerous activities all throughout the year. We will continue to stay true to our personal missions to provide this work – however within our own businesses and organizations. 

We appreciate your presence as we pushed the organization’s efforts and boundaries after the pandemic. We value your participation in events, your support of our cause, and your general engagement on social media. Your effort and input have been much appreciated. 

As additional women-led groups spring up around the state, we anticipate seeing you all flourish. Here is a list of a few groups that share the same goals as the Women of Denver. They might be very helpful to you in the future. 
Thank you and best forward,
The Women of Denver Admin