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Women of Denver (WOD) is the most diverse and active women’s organization in Denver. With over 50 events per year our dynamic network helps women increase their business acumen, sharpen leadership skills and connect with other high-achieving women. Our mission is to connect and inspire 100,000 women through educational events and progressive thought-leadership, so they can acquire the knowledge and confidence to earn their worth.

Partner with Us

WOD provides interactive professional development workshops, strategic mastermind sessions, and inspiring seminars geared toward helping women build their business acumen, increase confidence, and develop a thriving professional network. By partnering with WOD your company can offer professional development, structured mentorship, diversity and inclusion programming and employee resource groups without the need to hire an additional employee to develop curriculum and lead events. 

In House Programming

Educational Workshops
Provide tailored learning experiences for your team members by scheduling WOD’s specialized team of trainers for educational workshops at your location. Our programming is interactive, and will encourage your team to connect and strategize in engaging new ways. 

Mastermind Strategy Sessions
Mastermind strategy sessions are guided meetings designed to help team members solve problems. Attendees do not need to be from the same team, but are invited to bring a challenge or idea to brainstorm with the group. The more diverse the group is, the more ideas the group can come up with together. 


One of our trademark events, Badassery in the Boardroom, invites your teams to create a culture where women celebrate success, mentor each other toward their ultimate career ambitions, and share real-life stories about the journey to reaching their career goals. This event includes either a panel discussion or TEDx style talks from female executives followed by Q & A and a series of breakout sessions where attendees will share their personal stories of success and one action step to reach their next goal. 


Provide an immersive educational experience for your team with a full-day interactive conference hosted in your office. Select up to 3 session topics to create a tailored professional development experience that will help your team increase business acumen, confidence and motivation. Programming can also include mentorship breakout sessions and panel discussions featuring executive leaders from your company or brought in from relevant outside companies.

Since 2014, Women of Denver (WOD) has been the most diverse and active women’s organization in Denver. With over 50 events per year their dynamic network helps women increase their business knowledge, build leadership skills and connect with other powerful and inspiring women throughout the metro area.

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